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06/24/14 06:59 PM #1    


John Kiger

Welcome to the Spencer High School Class of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.  Note, this is a "forum"-- classmates and honored guests see what's posted in here.  So this is not the place to send sweet nothin's to your old girlfriends.  Do that in "Private Messaging".  Just sayin'.

One thing I do miss from MyFamily is that there's no longer the "Viewers" label to click, to see who's seen it, and when.

07/04/14 09:38 AM #2    

Joyce Aldrich (Coiner)

Thanks, John, for putting this together.  And it is great to see the many responses to our new site.

07/04/14 07:47 PM #3    


John Kiger

You betcha, Joyce.  Thanks for the tip on ClassCreator!

I still have much to do yet--figure out how to open more galleries, finish captioning the pics I took at reunion, and try to scrape up some good old stuff from  If anyone has pictures to post on here, I can help if needed.  Having a happy but cloudy 4th here in Minnesota.

John K.

07/06/14 04:07 PM #4    

Marty Fisher-Blakeley

This lloks like it will be a good site for our class to stay in touch. Thanks, John. I will call tonight.   Marty FB

07/11/14 03:35 PM #5    

Marty Fisher-Blakeley

Actually, there were a few very rare people who DID look about the same as their grad pix, but I regret it wasn't either you or me. But we have withstood the ravages of time pretty well... The gathering was good, it is always nice to see friends and recall fun times and generally catch up.

07/22/14 10:04 AM #6    

Joyce Aldrich (Coiner)

Just looked at the photos of Reynolds School being destroyed!  OMG!  What a blow.  Another piece of our history gone.  Is anyone else saddened by this?  I see in one of the photos that you can see an upstairs room.  I would swear it is either Miss Grieve's (Ol' Lady Gravy) office or classroom!  Thanks for posting, John.

07/24/14 08:46 PM #7    


John Kiger

If we're looking at the front of the building, from the west, The "gone" room looks like it was on the southwest corner of the building.  I know our fifth grade (Ms. Ann Heldt) was on the south side, so I'm hoping that's what I'm seeing.  I went to fifth grade at Reynolds only as a misplaced Lincoln school boomer.  So for the fifth grade memories of teachers and staff, I don't miss it much.  Good kids, though!  I met a few kids like you from the southeast part of town.  John Fieselmann's golden retriever, Taffy, used to come over and play ball with the boys at recess.  Her timing was great!

09/04/18 11:21 AM #8    

Donna Hayden (Ohl)

I am always surprised when an e-mail pops up for me.  Although I graduated from Spencer High with the Class of '64, I have never been back.  High school wasn't a great time for me - only because of personal issues and a sense of not belonging (again, only on my side - no one made me feel that way!).  The thing that most delights me is that even though I have had no contact, when I look at the list of names, all are still familiar to me!  So, I guess you all made an impact on me even though we did not establish strong friendships.  I'm glad you all stay in touch.  When I look back, it is always with a sense of longing and happiness that so many of you did establish strong bonds and stay in touch.  Thanks for keeping me on the e-mail!



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